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About Mrs. Green Planet

The Trusted Leaders In Green, Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Mrs. Green Planet is a family-owned pest control company located in the East Cobb area of Georgia. Offering both home pest control and commercial pest control services, our founders have over 30 years of experience in the pest management industry, and 25 years of high-tech experience working for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Why Choose Mrs. Green Planet, Inc.?

It is our mission to provide every customer with environmentally conscious pest management services. We accomplish this by utilizing natural, botanical, and organic pesticide solutions and modern technology.

We help protect and maintain things that matter to the customer; their family,  their children, their pets, and their home by eliminating unwanted pests with either non-toxic solutions, all-natural, organic ingredients, botanicals, or a combination of products that are deemed environmentally safe for people, children, and pets by the Federal EPA 25 (b) exempt regulation.

Protecting Everything You Love!

We understand how important dependable service is to you, the customer. We provide prompt, reliable and on-time service. We are environmentally conscious regarding everything we do, from our use of products to providing paperless billing, payments, information tracking, and communication through technology. The customer is our number one priority and will get uncompromised service every time. Mrs. Green Planet's commitment to quality is guaranteed with a promise to re-treat at no extra cost until the pest problem is mitigated and the customer is satisfied. Reach out today to request immediate pest control services.